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Schema Menu Item

In DatoCMS you can organize the different models and blocks present in your administrative area reordering and grouping them, so that their purpose will be more clear to the final editor.

Object payload

id  string
RFC 4122 UUID of schema menu item expressed in URL-safe base64 format
type  string
Must be exactly "schema_menu_item"

JSON API type field

label  null, string  Example: "Posts"

The label of the schema menu item (only present when the schema menu item is not linked to an item type)

position  integer  Example: 1

Ordering index

kind  enum  Example: "item_type"

Indicates if the schema menu item refers to an item type or a modular block

item_type{ type: "item_type", id: }, null

Item type associated with the schema menu item

parentnull, { type: "schema_menu_item", id: }

Parent schema menu item

childrenArray of { type: "schema_menu_item", id: }

Underlying schema menu items

Available endpoints