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    Upload track

    If the asset linked to an Upload entity is a video file, you have the option to include additional audio tracks and subtitle tracks to it.

    Object payload

    id  string
    ID of the upload track
    type  string
    Must be exactly "upload_track"
    type  enum  Example: "subtitles"

    The type of track (audio or subtitles)

    name  string  Example: "Italiano"

    The human-readable name of the track

    language_code  string  Example: "it-IT"

    A valid BCP 47 specification compliant language code

    closed_captions  null, boolean

    Indicates if the track provides subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-hearing (SDH)

    status  enum  Example: "ready"

    The status of the asset

    error  null, string

    When status is errored, explains the reason for the error

    upload{ type: "upload", id: }

    The upload containing the track

    Available endpoints