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    SSO Settings

    Represents the Single Sign-on settings of the current DatoCMS project

    Object payload

    id  string
    type  string
    Must be exactly "sso_settings"
    idp_saml_metadata_url  null, string

    URL of Identity Provider SAML Metadata endpoint

    scim_base_url  string

    DatoCMS SCIM base URL

    saml_acs_url  string


    sp_saml_metadata_url  string

    DatoCMS SAML Metadata URL

    sp_saml_base_url  string

    DatoCMS SAML Base URL

    saml_token  string

    DatoCMS SAML Token

    idp_saml_metadata_xml  null, string

    Identity Provider SAML Metadata

    scim_api_token  string

    DatoCMS SCIM API Token

    default_role  null, { type: "role", id: }

    The default role assigned to SSO users that do not belong to any SSO group

    Available endpoints

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