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    Create a new model

    Query parameters

    skip_menu_item_creation  Optional  boolean  Example: true

    Skip the creation of a menu item linked to the model

    menu_item_id  Optional  string  Example: "FF-P5of6Qp-DD2w0xoaa6Q"

    Explicitely specify the ID of the menu item that will be linked to the model

    schema_menu_item_id  Optional  string  Example: "FF-P5of6Qp-DD2w0xoaa6Q"

    Explicitely specify the ID of the schema menu item that will be linked to the model

    Body Parameters

    id  string  Optional
    RFC 4122 UUID of item type expressed in URL-safe base64 format
    name  Required  string  Example: "Blog post"

    Name of the model

    api_key  Required  string  Example: "post"

    API key of the model

    singleton  Optional  boolean

    Whether the model is single-instance or not

    all_locales_required  Optional  boolean

    Whether we require all the project locales to be present for each localized field or not

    sortable  Optional  boolean  Example: true

    Whether editors can sort records via drag & drop or not

    modular_block  Optional  boolean

    Whether this model is a modular content block or not

    draft_mode_active  Optional  boolean

    Whether draft/published mode is active or not

    tree  Optional  boolean

    Whether editors can organize records in a tree or not

    ordering_direction  Optional  enum, null

    If an ordering field is set, this fields specify the sorting direction

    ordering_meta  Optional  enum, null  Example: "created_at"

    Specifies the model's sorting method. Cannot be set in concurrency with ordering_field

    collection_appearance  Optional  enum  Example: "compact"

    The way the model collection should be presented to the editors

    hint  Optional  string, null  Example: "Blog posts will be shown in our website under the Blog section"

    A hint shown to editors to help them understand the purpose of this model/block

    inverse_relationships_enabled  Optional  boolean

    Whether inverse relationships fields are expressed in GraphQL or not

    ordering_field  Optional  { type: "field", id: }, null

    The field upon which the collection is sorted

    title_field  Optional  { type: "field", id: }, null

    The field to use as display title

    image_preview_field  Optional  { type: "field", id: }, null

    The field to use as preview image

    excerpt_field  Optional  { type: "field", id: }, null

    The field to use as fallback description for SEO purposes

    workflow  Optional  { type: "workflow", id: }, null

    The workflow to enforce on records


    Returns a item_type resource object.


    Example Basic example
    import { buildClient } from '@datocms/cma-client-node';
    async function run() {
    const client = buildClient({ apiToken: '<YOUR_API_TOKEN>' });
    const itemType = await client.itemTypes.create({
    name: 'Blog post',
    api_key: 'post'