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    SSO User

    A Single Sign-On user exists when a DatoCMS project is connected to an external Identity Provider. An SSO user will not use the standard login procedure but has to go through SAML authentication. It can also be linked to one or more IdP groups.

    Object payload

    id  string
    ID of user
    type  string
    Must be exactly "sso_user"
    username  string


    external_id  string, null

    Identity provider ID

    is_active  boolean

    Whether this user is active on the identity provider. De-activated users won't be able to login.

    first_name  string, null

    First name

    last_name  string, null

    Last name

    meta.last_access  date-time, null

    Date of last reading/interaction

    groups  Array of { type: "sso_group", id: }

    All the users's groups

    role  { type: "role", id: }, null

    The user role

    Available endpoints