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Default Date Time

Put current time as a default value

This is a Community Plugin! Learn how create your own plugin, or copy and remix existing ones in our documentation

Default Date Time DatoCMS plugin

Put current time as a default value




Install all the project dependencies with:

yarn install

Add this plugin in development mode to one of your DatoCMS project with:

yarn addToProject

Start the local development server with:

yarn start

The plugin will be served from http://localhost:5000/. Insert this URL as the plugin Entry point URL.


Before publishing this plugin, make sure:

  • you've properly described any configuration parameters in this README file;
  • you've properly compiled this project's package.json following the official rules;
  • you've added a cover image (cover.png) and a preview GIF (preview.gif) into the docs folder.

When everything's ready, just run:

yarn publish
Default Date Time
Put current time as a default value
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