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Editor Help

Add extra info for editors to a field using Markdown content.

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Datocms Plugin: Editor Help

This DatoCMS plugin can be added to a field in order to present extra information for editors.


The plugin can be used to provide additional information on the following field types:

  • boolean
  • color
  • date
  • date_time
  • float
  • integer
  • json
  • lat_lon
  • link
  • links
  • seo
  • string
  • text
  • video

Content can be provided using Markdown.


First add this plugin via DatoCMS Settings > Plugins > Add.

After installing the plugin, it can be connected to a field using the 'Insert add-on' button.

When connected to a field, under the tab 'Presentation', you can add the label of the button and the extra information to be shown in the info panel toggled by the button.


Install all the project dependencies with:

yarn install

Add this plugin in development mode to one of your DatoCMS project with:

yarn addToProject

Start the local development server with:

yarn start

The plugin will be served from http://localhost:5000/. Insert this URL as the plugin Entry point URL.

Editor Help
Add extra info for editors to a field using Markdown co…
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Plugin type
Field addon
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Boolean, Color, Date, DateTime, Floating-point number, Integer number, JSON, Geolocation, Single link, Multiple links, SEO meta tags, Single-line string, Multiple-paragraph text, Video
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