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JSON Table

A plugin for DatoCMS that makes it possible to add/insert a key and value and output a simple JSON table

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DatoCMS plugin: JSON Table

This DatoCMS plugin makes it possible to add/insert a key and value to output a simple JSON table. The plugin is build as a custom field editor for DatoCMS JSON fields.

When you input a key and value the output will be:

"key 1": "value 1",
"key 2": "value 3",
"key 3": "value 3"


  • Add keys and values
  • Output a simple JSON object
  • Make individual entries mandatory
  • Allow editor to add entries in the JSON table

For each entry in the JSON we show a key and value.


First add this plugin via DatoCMS Settings > Plugins > Add (/admin/plugins/new).

Plugin settings


There are two settings for configuration of the JSON table.

If the Editor may add item (Default: true), the button with + ADD ITEM will be shown. If this button is set to false, the editor will not be able to add any items.

Required fields is a comma seperated list of keys that should be required. When a key is added to this list it will show automatically as an entry in the JSON table.

Default values

To give keys a default value you can use the Default value tab of the JSON field. Inserting:

"key 1": "value 1",
"key 2": "value 3",
"key 3": "value 3"

will result in having the same keys and values as default.

Adding the same keys to the Required fields will result in having default values for required fields where the editor is only allowed to edit values and not allowed to edit keys.


See contributing.md.

JSON Table
A plugin for DatoCMS that makes it possible to add/inse…
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