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Matomo integration for DatoCMS

This is a Community Plugin! Learn how create your own plugin, or copy and remix existing ones in our documentation

Matomo DatoCMS Plugin

Datocms plugin that provides a link to Matomo for the current record on the sidebar


Adding the plugin from the marketplace

In your DatoCMS project, go to Settings -> Plugins -> Add new (plus sign at the bottom) -> From Marketplace -> Search for Matomo -> Install this plugin.

Adding as a private plugin

In your DatoCMS project, go to Settings -> Plugins -> Add new (plus sign at the bottom) -> Create new plugin -> Enter the following configuration:

Plugin Settings

Then click on Save plugin settings

Plugin parameters

After installing the plugin, in the new settings form we must enter the parameters for our Matomo project.

  • Matomo Host: The name of our host in matomo,
    ex: mysite

  • Matomo Site: The name of our site in matomo,
    ex: www.mysite.com

  • Matomo Site ID: The id of our site in matomo,
    ex: 1

Then for each model, we'll have the following fields:

  • [DATOCMS MODEL] URL Pattern: The pattern used to construct the Matomo URL for the specified model,
    ex: index.php?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday#?idSite=1&period=year&date=2022-02-07&segment=&category=GeneralActions&subcategory=GeneralPages&popover=RowAction$3ATransitions$3Aurl$3Ahttps$3A$2F$2F

  • [DATOCMS MODEL] Slug Field: The field of the specified model that will be used as slug,
    ex: First Name

The combination of the 5 parameters will be later used by the plugin to create a link.

Plugin Parameters

Then click on Save Settings


After the setup is complete, we can navigate to content and select a record from one our models.
The plugin will show up in the sidebar.

Plugin Link


Clone the repo -> $ yarn install -> $ yarn start -> In your DatoCMS project, settings -> plugins -> Matomo -> Edit private plugin -> Change the Entry Point URL to http://localhost:3000

Matomo integration for DatoCMS
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