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ID generator

A simple plugin to generate random IDs for your documents in DatoCMS

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ID Generator DatoCMS plugin

A simple plugin to generate IDs for your documents in DatoCMS


To enable the random ID generator for your single-line text field, choose "ID Generator" as a field add-on.

Plugin settings field add-on

When applying this plugin to your field you can set the following settings:

  1. ID prefix if you need it to add before generated IDs.
  2. The minimum length for your IDs, default is 3.
  3. Upper case option for generated ID to convert it to uppercase, default is true.
  4. Auto generation option, default is true.

Plugin settings fields


The result of plugin working appears in the field:

ID generator

Click on the link "Generate ..." generates random ID according to settings.


Install all the project dependencies with:

yarn install

Add this plugin in development mode to one of your DatoCMS project with:

yarn addToProject

Start the local development server with:

yarn start

The plugin will be served from http://localhost:5000/. Insert this URL as the plugin Entry point URL.


Before publishing this plugin, make sure:

  • you've properly described any configuration parameters in this README file;
  • you've properly compiled this project's package.json following the official rules;
  • you've added a cover image (cover.png) and a preview GIF (preview.gif) into the docs folder.

When everything's ready, just run:

yarn publish
ID generator
A simple plugin to generate random IDs for your documen…
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