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Web Previews

Offer your editors some links to preview the record they're working on in the website frontend

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Web Previews DatoCMS plugin

This plugin adds quick links in the record sidebar to preview your webpages.

🚨 Important: This is not a drag & drop plugin! It requires a lambda function on your frontend website(s) in order to function. Read more in the following sections!

Installation and configuration

Once the plugin is installed you need to specify:

  • A list of frontends. Each frontend specifies a name and a preview webhook, which will be called as soon as the plugin is loaded. Read more about it on the next chapter.
  • Sidebar open: to specify whether you want the sidebar panel to be opened by default.

The Previews webhook

Each frontend must implement a CORS-ready JSON endpoint that, given a specific DatoCMS record, returns an array of preview link(s).

The plugin performs a POST request to the Previews webhook URL, passing a payload that includes the current environment, record and model:

"item": {…},
"itemType": {…},
"currentUser": {…},
"environmentId": "main",
"locale": "en",
  • item: CMA entity of the current record
  • itemType: CMA entity of the model of the current record
  • currentUser: CMA entity of the collaborator, SSO user or account owner currently logged in
  • environmentId: the current environment ID
  • locale: the locale currently active on the form

The endpoint is expected to return a 200 response, with the following JSON structure:

"previewLinks": [
"label": "Published (en)",
"url": "https://mysite.com/blog/my-article"
"label": "Draft (en)",
"url": "https://mysite.com/api/preview/start?slug=/blog/my-article"

The plugin will display all the returned preview links.

An example implementation for Next.js apps

For the purpose of this example, let's say we want to return two preview links, one that links to the webpage that contains the published content, and another with draft content using Next.js Preview Mode.

DatoCMS will make a POST request the webhook with the info about the current record. We need to implement a CORS enabled API endpoint that handles the information and returns an array of preview links:

// Put this code in the /pages/api directory of your Next.js website:
// (ie. /pages/api/preview-links.js)
// this function knows how to convert a DatoCMS record
// into a canonical URL within the website
const generatePreviewUrl = ({ item, itemType, locale }) => {
switch (itemType.attributes.api_key) {
case 'landing_page':
return `/landing-pages/${item.attributes.slug}`;
case 'blog_post':
// blog posts are localized:
const localePrefix = locale === 'en' ? '' : `/${locale}`;
return `${localePrefix}/blog/${item.attributes.slug[locale]}`;
return null;
const handler = (req, res) => {
// setup CORS permissions
res.setHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*');
res.setHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Methods', 'POST');
res.setHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Headers', 'Content-Type, Authorization');
res.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');
// This will allow OPTIONS request
if (req.method === 'OPTIONS') {
return res.status(200).send('ok');
const url = generatePreviewUrl(req.body);
if (!url) {
return res.status(200).json({ previewLinks: [] });
const baseUrl = process.env.VERCEL_URL
// Vercel auto-populates this environment variable
? `https://${process.env.VERCEL_URL}`
// Netlify auto-populates this environment variable
: process.env.URL;
const previewLinks = [
// Public URL:
label: 'Published version',
url: `${baseUrl}${url}`,
// This requires an API route on your project that starts Next.js Preview Mode
// and redirects to the URL provided with the `redirect` parameter:
label: 'Draft version',
url: `${baseUrl}/api/start-preview-mode?redirect=${url}&secret=${process.env.PREVIEW_MODE_SECRET}`,
return res.status(200).json({ previewLinks });
export default handler;

If you have built alternative endpoint implementations for other frameworks/SSGs, please open up a PR to this plugin and share it with the community!

Web Previews
Offer your editors some links to preview the record the…
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