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Workflow tracker

Visualise workflow progress more prominently in record editor

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Workflow Tracker plugin


This is still in development and has some workarounds applied (commented inline below).


This plugin provides a way of visualising the workflow status with a greater presence than the sidebar widget.


To visualise the workflow associated with a record you just add a text field and set its id to workflowfield. The plugin will then automatically apply the custom editor to that field.

If you for some reason have a field called this and don't want it to use this editor, then you'll have to fork the repo and edit the overrideFieldExtensions method in index.tsx.

You can name the field what ever you want to. The field ID must be workflowfield

(I'll see if there is an option to customise this somehow);


Once you added the field the custom editor will then display the stages you've defined as a ButtonGroup. You can click the buttons to set the stage. When you do this, it should disable the buttons and display a spinner. It can take a couple of seconds for the update to be applied.


I haven't implemented any tests around permissions, so it may fail if you don't have access rules to either update the stage, or apply a specific stage.

I'll see about adding this in.

Workflow tracker
Visualise workflow progress more prominently in record …
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