Conditional fields

Show/hide fields when you toggle a checkbox boolean field

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DatoCMS Conditional fields plugin

A really simple plugin that show/hides fields when you toggle a checkbox boolean field.


  1. Head over the Settings > Plugins section of your DatoCMS project
  2. Search for the "datocms-plugin-conditional-fields" plugin
  3. Click install

For more detailed info, head over to the DatoCMS documentation page.


When applying this plugin to a boolean field, please insert the API identifiers of the fields you want to toggle, comma separated:


NPM package namedatocms-plugin-conditional-fields

Published byAuthor gravatardatocms

Plugin typeField addon

Compatible with fieldsBoolean

Tags#field-addon, #boolean-field

First releasedOctober 5th, 2018

Current version0.0.8

Last update10 months ago

Installed on175 projects