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BigCommerce product

A plugin that allows users to search and select BigCommerce products.

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DatoCMS BigCommerce product plugin

Select a product from your BigCommerce store


You'll have to provide your store's GraphQL endpoint and the respective authorization token.

Plugin's configuration

Getting the GraphQL endpoint

This url is typically of the form https://store-HASH.mybigcommerce.com/graphql, where HASH is the store hash required by the management API.

Alternatively, you can go to your store's dashboard > Advanced Settings > Storefront API playground, and copy the url from there.

Getting the access token

  1. Generate an API key with the "Storefront API Tokens" permission. More information here.
  2. Get the GraphQL API authorization token. You can read more about it here or send the request from here.
    • You'll have to specify a expires_at clause;
    • And also the allowed_cors_origins. This needs to be ", since plugins are served from there.
BigCommerce product
A plugin that allows users to search and select BigComm…
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