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Product updates - P - 1Product updates - P - 2Product updates - P - 3Product updates - P - 4Product updates - P - 5Product updates - P - 6Product updates - P - 7Product updates - P - 8Product updates - P - 9Product updates - P - 10Product updates - P - 11Product updates - P - 12Product updates - Minor changes to cma site endpoint responseProduct updates - Improved timezone managementProduct updates - Resend email invitation to collaboratorsProduct updates - Add new locale by copying content from the main oneProduct updates - Keyboard shortcuts for saving and publishing recordsProduct updates - Used blocks count indicatorProduct updates - A better datetime field editorProduct updates - Duplicate blocks in one clickProduct updates - Easily regenerate slugs on existing recordsProduct updates - Backup codes for two factor authentication 2faProduct updates - More explicit presentation settings for recordsProduct updates - Locale fallbacks and filtering available on cdaProduct updates - React components updateProduct updates - New usage reports available for every projectProduct updates - New plugin hooks available in our sdkProduct updates - Remix framework fully supportedProduct updates - New built in presentation modes radio group and select inputProduct updates - Link and date time fields can now be set as titlesProduct updates - Avif support iptc passthroughProduct updates - Automatically create modular blocks if only one type requiredProduct updates - New notice type for build triggersProduct updates - Creation of new records via api no longer requires to specify all fieldsProduct updates - Splitted create duplicate record permissionProduct updates - Get locales list from graphqlProduct updates - Better support for rtl languagesProduct updates - Added length validation to structured text fieldsProduct updates - Ending support for internet explorer 11Product updates - Copy structured text from main localeProduct updates - More features in webhooksProduct updates - Removed tokens from build trigger endpointsProduct updates - Webhooks just got smarterProduct updates - Duplicate asset detectionProduct updates - Introducing quick searchProduct updates - Navigate through record linksProduct updates - Search assets in the media area with md5 hashesProduct updates - Updated the plugin generatorProduct updates - More control for webhooksProduct updates - Sort records by fieldProduct updates - Top streamed assets and optional ip trackingProduct updates - Splitted a couple of permissionsProduct updates - New dashboardProduct updates - Cma v2Product updates - Status pageProduct updates - Changes to cms documentationProduct updates - Released content delivery apiProduct updates - Fixed your card security code is invalid problemProduct updates - Better documentation for tree like collectionsProduct updates - Rss feeds for product changelog and blogProduct updates - Combine and and or logical expressionsProduct updates - Better project transfer flowProduct updates - Released v0 6 1 of ruby clientProduct updates - Query batchingProduct updates - Added ability to destroy your accountProduct updates - Custom assets domain documentation pageProduct updates - Released gatsby source datocms v1 1 9Product updates - Released v0 5 4 of js clientProduct updates - Optional translations now availableProduct updates - Webhooks now avalableProduct updates - Multiple deployment environmentsProduct updates - Customizable toolbar for html and markdown editorsProduct updates - Region specific language codesProduct updates - Update media in placeProduct updates - Records creation just became up to 10x fasterProduct updates - Fetch all the language values for a field in a singProduct updates - New tabular visualization modeProduct updates - Creator based permissions added to rolesProduct updates - Plugins are hereProduct updates - Modular content fields just got betterProduct updates - In context reordering of navigation barProduct updates - Main locale is no longer requiredProduct updates - Add links to external urls in navigation barProduct updates - Save frequent searches as filtersProduct updates - Configurable twitter cardProduct updates - Role based permissionsProduct updates - Scheduled publishingProduct updates - Improved management of api rate limitsProduct updates - View netlify logs under settingsProduct updates - Change in content delivery api graphql schemaProduct updates - Ability to restrict access to graphql rest endpointProduct updates - Added firstpublishedatProduct updates - Slugs now auto generated on existing recordsProduct updates - Twitter and facebook share preview now availableProduct updates - Nicer media area and bulk delete of assetsProduct updates - Add existing records in link s expanded mode aka emProduct updates - Improvements to netlify circleci and custom webhookProduct updates - Introduced limit to graphql query complexityProduct updates - Bulk delete publish and unpublish recordsProduct updates - Accounts and users are now mergedProduct updates - More qol improvements for your teamProduct updates - Duplicate only models and fieldsProduct updates - Image validation for dimensionProduct updates - Customize webhooks http body with mustache templatesProduct updates - Copy modular content structure from another languageProduct updates - Datocms now available in frenchProduct updates - New features and tools in the media areaProduct updates - A bundle of featuresProduct updates - Renewed media areaProduct updates - Deprecation notice on our content management apiProduct updates - New react demos and ui improvementsProduct updates - Cms ui improvements