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Mux integration is getting cheaper!
July 18th, 2022

Our integration with Mux is getting used more and more, so we can finally offer a better price for the streaming and encoding addons.

Here's the changes that we have already applied:

  • extra video encoding now comes at €9/mo every 180 mins of extra uploaded footage, instead of €19 for 300 mins

  • all the plans get at least 30 minutes of included video encoding

  • extra video streaming now comes at €19/mo every 300 hrs of extra video streaming time, instead of €29 for 250hrs

All the new addon prices are automatically applied on the existing plans, no need to do anything. Also the new price is going to be applied to all the extras made in July.

The pricing changes apply only on the per-account pricing plans. If you are still on a legacy plan and if you want to get the new pricing get in touch over at so that we can help you migrating.