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NewUI Improvement
Introducing the "All locales" filter option on Tabular view
May 10th, 2023

We are happy to inform you about a new feature that improves the browsing experience for models with optional locales.

Previously, when working with a model that allowed for optional locales, users were unable to browse all records simultaneously, as the interface required selecting a specific locale, limiting the ability to view content across all locales.

To address this limitation, we have now introduced the "All locales" filter option in the Locale switcher. This new feature empowers users to effortlessly browse records containing any locale, providing a comprehensive view of their content.

To ensure a seamless transition and avoid any confusion, we have maintained the default visualization settings. The interface will continue to display the primary locale of the project by default. This means that users who prefer the previous behavior can continue working without any disruptions.

With the addition of the "All locales" filter option, editors can now easily access and manage their records across multiple locales within a single interface, streamlining workflows and providing a more efficient content management experience.