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Introducing Schema ERD Plugin: advanced visualization and export options for your project's schema
May 10th, 2023

We're pleased to announce that we have extracted the feature that allows you to generate an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) of your project's schema into a separate plugin called Schema ERD.

By separating this feature into a plugin, we can now offer advanced capabilities and expand the range of export options available to you.

Enhanced Features

  • Export Options: The new plugin offers a wider variety of export options. In addition to the existing ability to produce ERD diagrams as PDF files, you can now also export them in GraphViz DOT language and SVG format. This provides greater flexibility in integrating the ERD diagrams into your workflow and sharing them with others.

  • Clearer and easy-to-read diagrams: The plugin improves the clarity and readability of your ERD diagrams. It better exposes the connections between fields and models, enabling you to understand the relationships in your schema more easily. This enhancement simplifies data analysis and fosters a deeper understanding of your project's data structure.

New Functionality

  • Interactive interface: With the new plugin, you can now explore your ERD diagrams directly within the interface. The plugin provides a user-friendly and interactive experience, allowing you to browse, pan, and zoom the diagram effortlessly. This feature simplifies the analysis and navigation of complex schemas, enabling you to gain deeper insights into your project's data structure.

We are confident that the introduction of the Schema ERD plugin will enhance your experience and provide you with powerful tools to visualize and work with your project's schema!