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Vue and Nuxt components update
November 8th, 2022

We just completed a comprehensive update of our library for Vue — vue-datocms, now at version 3:

  • it now supports both Vue 2 and Vue 3 via VueDemi, thus opening the possibility of easily using Vue composition API with DatoCMS;

  • it comes with first-class support for Typescript;

  • it has new features, including multiple layout modes for the <Image> component.

We also took the chance for a due upgrade of our demo projects related to Vue. New-comers now have 2 solid starting points:

  • vuejs-demo is now based on Vue 3 and the fast Vite.js;

  • Nuxt users will enjoy the nuxtjs-demo, now based on Nuxt 3.

Finally, the DatoCMS website now contains two separate learning sections, providing a solid walkthrough for integrating Dato in projects based on Vue.