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Size limit for Records
February 26th, 2024

Starting March 4, 2024, we are introducing a size limit for new and updated records in the CMS. The standard limit is set to 300KB per record to ensure optimal service performance for all our customers, while allowing a smooth usage of DatoCMS across any scenario. Record size calculation includes content in nested blocks, but does not count assets and linked records.

Please note that the maximum record size allowed by your plan may exceed the default 300KB limit. To confirm whether your plan supports a larger maximum record size, check the 'Plan and Billing' section in your Account dashboard.

It is extremely unlikely to hit the record size limit. In any case, for maximum trasparency, here's what's changing:

  • New Records: If a new record does not comply your size limit, you will be notified on save by an error message, and you'll need to go back and trim the record to save it.

  • Existing Records: All existing records that are over your limit will continue to function normally. You can still access and use these records without any disruption.

    • If you wish to edit and save any of these oversized records, you will need to reduce the record size under your plan's limit.

    • This size restriction also applies when duplicating a record or attempting to revert to a previous version that surpasses your plan's maximum allowed record size.