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Introducing a New 'Prevent Indexing' Option to SEO Fields
December 20th, 2023

We noticed that some users were using custom-made fields to be able to manage robots meta tags preferences at a record level. That is why we decided to introduce it as an enhancement to our SEO field functionality.

Before, you could only set indexing at an environment level, in the SEO Preferences. Recognizing that some scenarios demand more flexibility, we've implemented a "Prevent a page from being indexed by search engines" option also for single records.

This checkbox, available in all SEO fields, empowers developers to seamlessly add a Robots noindex meta tag to pages, offering a nuanced solution for cases not covered by our pre-existing options.

Our CDA _seoMetaTags will return a new Robots noindex attribute if noIndex is enabled either at environment level or record level. Read more about _seoMetaTags, on our CDA documentation.

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