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UI Improvement
Developer Accessible Area of the CMS Will be English-Only
October 24th, 2023

After receiving feedback from our customers, we have decided to make improvements to our translation approach.

Currently, the entire CMS interface is translated into 15 different languages. However, upon reflection, we realized that this may not have brought significant benefits; in fact, it might have posed some inconveniences.

Our developers' documentation is only provided in English, which means that the DatoCMS glossary and terminology specific to our domain is expressed in English. If the localization settings in the CMS are different, developers may struggle to follow our docs, and find the same entries in the CMS interface.

We also know for a fact that developers are fairly comfortable with English, and translations primarily benefit content writers and editors, who may feel disoriented with English.

As a result, we have chosen to maintain the sections of the app that can only be accessed by developers exclusively in the English language. This includes the Schema, CDA Playground, and Project Settings tabs.

The translation work will also be much easier with the significant decrease in the number of strings to be translated. Our translation process for DatoCMS relies on our wonderful community of users, so if you would like to help us by improving existing translations in your language or suggesting additional ones, please contact us via email. We provide €500 in platform credits for a complete localization.