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NewUI Improvement
Introducing Monochromatic Palette for projects
January 16th, 2024

Now you have the option to customize the look of a DatoCMS project with a sleek and user-friendly monochromatic palette. These palettes are designed to deliver a pleasing visual experience, while also meeting WCAG Level AAA contrast ratios for accessibility.

For those of you with existing projects, no sweat! Your existing appearance settings will stay untouched. You can decide when and if to make the switch to the new palette from the "Configuration > Appearance" section of your project:

For those embarking on new projects, the monochromatic palette will instead be your default setting. As you set up your project, you'll have the freedom to select from a variety of handpicked palettes:

And remember, you can further customize your project's look anytime in the Appearance section of your project's settings.

Try out this new feature and give your project a clean and stylish look effortlessly! ๐Ÿ˜Š