Product Updates

DatoCMS changelog for new features and general improvements
UI Improvement
A long list of UI improvements
December 18th, 2020

A long overdue update on all the UI improvements we've recently released:

Now you can set alt and title in images within the multiline string with the HTML editor:

We've been receiving feedbacks around our SEO fields that were suggesting that we had validation rules that were too strict. So now we've added the option to pick whatever minimum or maximum length for the slug, SEO title and SEO description. You can customize those per field:

And also, you can now customize the validation rules for the slug field, so that you can set your custom regular expression, if our default one is too strict for your use case:

You can now specify in which locale the record filter applies:

We have removed the limit of 30 records that you could batch update. This was particularly annoying when doing batch action across pages, almost a bug fix :)

And finally... you can now close modals pressing the Escape key!

Plugin capabilities extended for links and media
December 18th, 2020

With the latest v0.1.0 release of the Plugin SDK we've added a couple methods:

  • selectItem(itemTypeId, { multiple }) - Plugins can use this method to show a modal dialog to select one or multiple existing records

  • selectUpload({ multiple: boolean }) - Plugins can use this method to show a modal dialog to select one or multiple uploads

  • editUpload(uploadId) - Plugins can use this method to show the modal dialog to edit an upload

  • editUploadMetadata(uploadMetadata) - Plugins can use this method to show the modal dialog to edit an upload metadata.

These new methods will allow the creation of plugins for the link fields. You can read all the details in the SDK reference.

Then, related to the media fields, we've released v3.2.0 of our JS client which:

  • adds support for aborting createUploadPath, uploadFile and uploadImage through uploadPromise.cancel

  • adds additional option arguments to createUploadPath, uploadFile and uploadImage

  • adds options.onProgress for tracking the upload progress of createUploadPath, uploadFile and uploadImage

  • adds options.filename for renaming files uploaded with createUploadPath, uploadFile and uploadImage

These new methods will let you create plugins for the media fields and manage the uploads from your end.

You can see the client docs for more details and examples.

API ClientsPlugins
Ruby client and plugin SDK improvements
November 5th, 2020

On the Ruby gem, we've added the method #lqip_data_url, which lets you access the SVG blurred up version of your images, like so:

blog_post.cover_image.url(w: 800, h: 600, fm: :jpg)
# => ""
blog_post.cover_image.lqip_data_url(w: 800, h: 600, fm: :jpg)

For more details on what you can do, please have a look at this blog post.

On the Plugin SDK, we've added a new method plugin.disableField(...pathChunks, disable) that will let you disable a field so that the editors will be prevented to make changes.

Read all the details on the SDK reference.

UI Improvement
Improved support for time formats
September 22nd, 2020

We've recently launched a new feature that allows every user to customize the format in which the date and time are displayed.

Under User settings > Localization Settings you can find this screen:

In which you'll be able to pick your date and time format together with the options of showing times in the 24h format.

We hope to have covered all your date/time formatting needs with this.

Released Gatsby source plugin v2.4.0 with new Blurhash LQIP
September 1st, 2020

Just a quick update to announce that we have finally made our famous Blurhash-based LQIPs available on our Gatsby plugin, replacing the classic “blur-up” technique used by everyone so far.

The improvement is evident, especially when the images are shown particularly large within the web page:

You don't need to make any code changes to your Gatsby project to get the enhancement, just upgrade the gatsby-source-datocms package using your packet manager of choice (npm or Yarn), making sure you are installing a version higher than or equal to 2.4.0:

npm update gatsby-source-datocms
yarn upgrade gatsby-source-datocms


UI Improvement
CMS updates - info on traffic stats and more
June 26th, 2020

We have just released a new update of our CMS area where we show usage stats.

More stats on traffic and API calls consumption

Now we are providing a very granular set of statistics about assets, API calls and videos, to help you troubleshoot where you can optimize or better understand where the traffic is coming from.

With all this information we are sure you'll be able to better optimize your sites, in order to get better performance and saving some money! We hope to help you with this.

As a small note, we have also improved our interface to optimize the loading of big projects. This should speed up everyone, but should be felt more by big projects.

Finally, we have upgraded the dashboard to better show the projects on which you are only a collaborator and not the owner and also show who is the owner when you try to do actions restricted to them. Hopefully this will simplify management of the projects.

Docs, Guides and Demos
Documentation refresh
May 29th, 2020

We have refreshed our documentation at large in the past weeks and also provided more examples for record creation, field creation and role creation. This is just a highlight but more has come already.

If you still think anything is lacking in our documentation, please let us know via Community, thanks!

API Clients
Ruby client deprecation for v <0.7.3
May 14th, 2020

Unfortunately we need to ask everyone who is using Ruby client with a version older than 0.7.3 to upgrade.

New builds might break as we had to change something in our schema to fix a bug that was allowing old versions of the Ruby client to work.

Version 0.7.3 was released on 2 Jul 2019 so most of you should probably be safe, but please double check.

April 2020 update
May 8th, 2020

Some updates about what we've released last month in preparation for our next big feature that is coming very soon: the staging environments!

Let's see the spring cleaning we've done:

Deployment environments are now Build triggers

The new feature we are going to launch is going to be called "environments", so to avoid confusion and also to give a clearer name to the former "deployment environments", we've renamed them to "build triggers".

In fact they are manual triggers that launch your build in external systems, we hope will make more sense for everyone!

This will unfortunately cause also a change in the CMA:

  • deployment_environment is now build_trigger

  • deploy_event is now build_event

Reference models by API keys

When using the CMA, you can now reference models by using API keys instead of model ids. For now you can only do that when passing the API key in the URL or on filters. It's still a work in progress, soon you'll be allowed to use API keys in payloads as well.

As a nice side note, the usage of API key is also available when filtering webhooks.

Bugfix - react-datocms IE11 compatibility

We've released a new version of react-datocms (v1.2.2) that fixes a compatibility issue with IE11.

Bugfix - duplicating item in tree structure

When duplicating an item in a tree structure, the new item will have the same parent of the duplicated one.

Bugfix - change link validations

When changing link validations we are now providing an extra alert message, as this can potentially lead to data loss.

Content Delivery API
Upcoming changes in GraphQL filtering
May 7th, 2020

We'll release in a few days a change in our CDA that will affect some edge cases in filtering.

Please find all the details in our documentation: