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UI Improvement
New built-in presentation modes: Radio group, Checkbox Group and Select inputs!
January 31st, 2022

By popular demand, we decided to add a couple new ways of presenting some fields:

Boolean fields

In addition to the usual "switch" input, you can now present a boolean field as a Radio group or Select input. You can tweak the way your field will be visible to your editors in the Presentation settings, and specify the text that will be associated with both the true and false value.

String fields

Similarly, you can also present single-line text fields as a Radio group or Select input. The main difference from boolean fields is that you can specify more than two possible options, plus the string value associated with every option.

JSON fields

If you need to store multiple strings in a field, you can now use the Multi-select input and Checkbox Group on JSON fields. Again, you can specify the different options that will be visible to editors, and the relative value that will be stored in the field itself.

We could have easily released these new presentation modes as plugins, but we thought they're frequent enough to deserve their permanent place in DatoCMS. ♥️