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Kontainer plugin

Pick and choose images from your Kontainer application and save the urls in DatoCMS

This is a Community Plugin! Learn how create your own plugin, or copy and remix existing ones in our documentation

Kontainer plugin for DatoCMS

What is this repository for?

This repo contains the source code for the Kontainer DatoCMS plugin.

How do I get set up?

Run npm install or npm clean-install to get all the required packages.

When node modules have been installed run npm run start, this will run the plugin in your browser on http://localhost:3000

In your DatoCMS application, go to Settings -> Plugins and add a new plugin, choose Create new plugin. In the popup, write Kontainer plugin or something that makes more sense to you, and set the url to http://localhost:3000

Now the presentation Kontainer Assets is available on the JSON field type.


Run npm run build to prepare the build files.

Ensure that any new required files are added to package.json files array. README.md, LICENSE.md, and package.json are always included.
{ "files" : [ "build", "kontainer-logo.png"] }

To validate what files are deployed use npx npm-packlist.

Run npm version {major|minor|patch} to increment the package version, and tag the git repository.

Run npm publish when you're ready to deploy.

Npm might give a 404 error, this is likely because you're not logged in, and not because the package doesn't exist.
Fix it by running npm login, and follow the prompts.

Contribution guidelines

We are using Git flow as a branching and release model.

Kontainer plugin
Pick and choose images from your Kontainer application …
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