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The best integration with GatsbyJS you can get

We work closely with our friends of the Gatsby team to always provide you best-in-class integration. Enjoy an awesome developer experience: live reloading of content as it gets saved, drop-in SEO, state-of-the-art integration with Gatsby's GraphQL API.

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import React from 'react';
import { graphql, Link } from 'gatsby';
import { HelmetDatoCms } from 'gatsby-source-datocms';
export const query = graphql`
query MoviePageQuery($title: String!) {
movie: datoCmsMovie(title: { eq: $title }) {
seoMetaTags {
actors {
excerpt: excerptNode {
md: childMarkdownRemark {
export default function MoviePage({ data: { movie } }) {
return (
<HelmetDatoCms seo={movie.seoMetaTags} />
{/* .. */}

Endless image transformations at your disposal

DatoCMS, togheter with gatsby-image, offers best-in-class image processing and image CDN. Optimize, resize, crop, rotate and watermark images on-the-fly simply adding custom parameters to the URL of your image. Serve lazy loaded, responsive images in one line of code.

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Real-time previews with Gatsby Cloud

DatoCMS is fully compatible with Gatsby Cloud. Share temporary URLs for viewing changes immediately and in context, so you can make sure that new header plays nicely with the rest of the page before hitting “publish.”

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A component-centric CMS, just like Gatsby

Thanks to React, Gatsby makes using components easy right from the get-go, and you should expect the same from your CMS. A component-based approach allows developers to clearly divide work amongst themselves and progress without having to rely on each other every step of the way.

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I do heart Dato, my first choice CMS, always advocate my clients treat CMS flexibility seriously.
Callum Flack
Owner at Callum Flack Design
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