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Quickly find Saleor products and variants and link them to DatoCMS

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DatoCMS Saleor plugin

:link: A plugin that enhances your product page, allowing you to quickly find Saleor products and variants and link them with DatoCMS.

Plugin settings

You can search the plugin from the DatoCMS admin dashboard or install it from the marketplace.

Once installed, you can configure the endpoint, the channel and the token (if required) of your Saleor enviroment.

Plugin usage

Apply Saloer plugin to a single-line text field into your model and select Saleor Product from the dropdown menu in the Presentation tab.

Now you can browse your Saleor products and variants searching them by name or sku.

The results shall be distinguished by specific tag: product or variant.

The selected product o variant will be displayed in the related record.

:tada: And finally you can query your field and get the product or variant id.


If you want to link more than one product or variant you can use Saloer Product field inside Modular Content Field


Thanks for the inspiration to DatoCMS Commerce Layer Plugin

Enjoy :punch:

Quickly find Saleor products and variants and link them…
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