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    Unpublish a record

    Query parameters

    recursive  Optional  boolean  Example: true

    If the record is referenced by other published records, unpublish them recursively


    content_in_locales  Required  Array<string>

    List of locales whose content will be unpublished


    Returns a item resource object.


    Example code:
    import { buildClient } from '@datocms/cma-client-node';
    async function run() {
    const client = buildClient({ apiToken: '<YOUR_API_TOKEN>' });
    const itemId = 'hWl-mnkWRYmMCSTq4z_piQ';
    const item = await client.items.unpublish(itemId, {
    content_in_locales: [
    }, {
    recursive: true
    Returned output:
    id: 'hWl-mnkWRYmMCSTq4z_piQ',
    title: 'My first blog post!',
    content: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...',
    category: '24',
    image: {
    alt: 'Alt text',
    title: 'Image title',
    custom_data: {},
    focal_point: null,
    upload_id: '20042921'
    meta: {
    created_at: '2020-04-21T07:57:11.124Z',
    updated_at: '2020-04-21T07:57:11.124Z',
    published_at: '2020-04-21T07:57:11.124Z',
    first_published_at: '2020-04-21T07:57:11.124Z',
    publication_scheduled_at: '2020-04-21T07:57:11.124Z',
    unpublishing_scheduled_at: '2020-04-21T07:57:11.124Z',
    status: 'draft',
    is_current_version_valid: true,
    is_published_version_valid: true,
    current_version: '4234',
    stage: ''
    item_type: {
    type: 'item_type',
    id: 'DxMaW10UQiCmZcuuA-IkkA'
    creator: {
    type: 'account',
    id: '312'