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Changelog: August 23, 2017

Posted on August 23rd, 2017 by Stefano Verna

These are pretty exciting times for us! Since the huge spike in visibility coming from our Product Hunt, we noticed a visible increase in interest and activity, and an impressive number of awesome new DatoCMS-powered websites started popping out. You're awesome!

Since the last update, a ton of new features landed in DatoCMS:

Preview your changes before going live with staging/production environments

This was a long-coming feature request, and we cannot be more happy to let you know that it finally arrived. You can now easily configure multiple deployment targets for your sites: make some changes to your content, deploy to the staging environment to see how they look like, and when everything is just perfect then publish your website without any worries.

Custom collection ordering

When you create a Model, you are now able to choose how to order your records in the administrative area:

  • Using last update time;

  • Using manual drag&drop sorting;

  • Using the value of a specific field of your records (ie. Publication date)

Content versioning

Every change you make to your records is now saved and persisted, along with the information regarding which editor actually made the change. Super-useful both to have a better understanding of who did what, and to restore previous content.

Unlimited content versioning is available on all paid plans.

Roles and granular permissions for users

That's a big one: you can now create custom Roles for your users! We made the system extremely granular, so you can add rules like "editors can view these particular collections of records, but they can only create/update records of type X, and not delete anything".

We are going to add the same kind of granularity also to API keys, so that your frontend will be able to use our API to ie. create new "Contact form" records on form submission, without having to worry about exposing the API key.

Locale fallbacks

We upgraded our JS and Ruby client to make it possible to define language fallbacks: if some information is not present in the current language, the client will try to find a value in a set of configurable languages.

Other fixes/improvements

  • You can now use SVGs in Image and Gallery field types;

  • The datepicker input handles a lot better dates in the far past;

  • It is now possibile to reorder items inside a Multiple-links item when you're using the "Select" presentation mode just drag & dropping the items;

  • We introduced a "File extension" validation on File inputs: let your editors only upload files in specific formats;

  • In the Slug field you can now specify a custom prefix to show to your editors (no more!)

  • Various issues with drag&drop in specific browsers have been ironed out;