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New feature: Markdown editor

Just a quick update to let you know that you can finally choose to write your website content with DatoCMS using the Markdown markup language.

Markdown is used extensively in the static-web universe, is extremely simple to learn even for non-technical people and leads to clean and semantic HTML, so adding proper support for it was a no-brainer decision for us.

How to enable it

This is actually pretty simple: just take an existing "Multi-line text" field (or create a new one), and make sure to select "Markdown Editor" as its "Presentation mode":

HTML, Markdown or plain old text: what more could you ask for from life?

Once set up, a nice and simple Markdown WYSIWYG editor will come up, ready for to be used by your editors:

This is how it looks like. Not bad huh?

Under the hood we're using a slightly modified version of the great SimpleMDE markdown editor.

Tell us what you think of it

That's obviously the first release: there might be some rough edges to smooth. As always, feedbacks are highly appreciated!

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