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A new dashboard for a better DatoCMS

Posted on May 31st, 2018 by Francesco Falchi

Change is a part of progress. The new dashboard is here to bring progress and make everything smoother.

Together with the release of our new Content Delivery API and its integration with GraphQL a reshape and perfectioning of some key aspects of the dashboard was delivered too.

The feedbacks and requests we receive are constantly processed not only to change the features offered by DatoCMS but also to improve the overall user experience and the dashboard is obviously an essential part to it.

Let’s see what changed.

Login for editors

If you are a collaborator on a DatoCMS project, to edit content you should login to the specific domain of the project (ie. We often received support requests regarding the fact that editors couldn't login.. only to find out they were trying to access their project through the DatoCMS dashboard instead (that is,

The dashboard now also accepts editors: if you login with the credentials of an editor, you’ll be seamlessly redirected and logged in to the project’s administrative area. If the same email + password has been used in more than one DatoCMS projects, you’ll able to select which one you want to start working with.

Manage all your projects in one page

Whether you have one or more projects now they’re all stored in a single page.

By default they’re ordered by last update time but you can search for them and order them by name an current plan.

The options related to every project are now in the settings.

It’s now easier than ever to switch plans via the “change plan” option, a new flow will seamlessly let you enter all the information you need to change your plan fast and safely.

Now you can delete a project with safety in the same way as you do on Github or Heroku.

When you hover on your project’s plan you can see its details and an alert icon will be visible when you’re reaching a threshold of your subscribed plan.

A new notification will pop up in the right bottom corner whenever you succesfully publish a project or for other actions you can perform on DatoCMS.

Set your password and new billing profile features

Two other changes are related to your account, where it’s now easier to change password, and to your billing profile where you can now see your past invoices and request for a PDF document. In the near future you’ll be able to see any credit note that you might have.

New Demos

The demo section of DatoCMS has been completely renewed and it’s now fast and easy to use. You can select among Static website (with several SSG choices), Server-side app (Express, Rails or PHP) and Mobile app (React Native).

When you select the demo you want to try there will be some new graphic enhancements and it will show the build live. Once you’re done with the creation you can jump to see what you created or edit some content.

Here you can see the flow of a server side PHP demo with some basic editing to the home page text.

More demos will be coming soon and we’ll dig a bit more about that in the near future.

Check everything that’s new on DatoCMS dashboard and let us know what you think about it on Slack and follow us on Twitter to follow our progress. That’s all!