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Introducing the new dashboard

Posted on June 26th, 2019 by Massimiliano Palloni

One of our goals is to offer a CMS that is fantastic to use and doesn't give you more problems with your projects than you already have.

Unfortunately, the old dashboard did not respond to this philosophy: it couln't provide the information you need in just a few clicks, becoming one of the most covered topics in customer care.

Manage your project with ease

Now you can access a detail page of your projects, from which you can manage many operations previously hidden in a myriad of secondary menus. From the project page, you can now add a custom domain, check the usage, and change plan.

Furthermore, in the new "Danger Zone," you can transfer ownership, duplicate the project, or delete it.

Rational Billing Profile Management

For users with multiple projects, the billing profiles management was too opaque: it was difficult to understand with which card you were paying for a specific plan. To avoid this confusion, all projects on a payment plan now show the linked billing profile on their page.

We have also created a detail page for each billing profile, so you can change the billing information, choose another credit card, check which projects are linked to it and find the complete list of past invoices.

Changing plan now makes more sense

We have deeply changed the whole process to change plan; the plans are now more readable and transparent, and you find a complete recap in the second step to clear every doubt, with a reminder of the selected plan and the name of the project linked to it.

More things to come

We are continuing to work to offer you total control of your projects, even on the administrative side. In the video above, you can spot another considerable change in the way you can manage your plan. We're sure you already noticed it :).