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Posted on November 14th, 2017 by Stefano Verna

Organize records as trees!

DatoCMS already allowed editors to manually sort records with drag&drop. Now you can do the same on tree-like structures. Super useful to model ie. hierarchical categories and navigation menus!

Organize records as trees

Reuse images with media gallery!

We added a new Media section to every administrative area. Organize assets/files, edit their meta attributes, and delete unused files. Uh, and you can reuse the same image in multiple places!

Reuse images with media gallery

One-click duplicate of models and records!

Well... the title says it all :D Both editors and developers can now work faster duplicating existing records/models and making differential changes.

One-click duplicate of models and records

Custom logo and colors!

Configure the look and feel of your administrative area to adapt it to your brand. You already had custom domain, now we add custom logo and theme colors. You can't be more white label than this :)

Custom logo and colors