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Partnering for success: the outcomes of DatoCMS's Partner Program

Posted on January 25th, 2023 by Matteo Papadopoulos

In the last year, DatoCMS launched its Partner Program as an experiment, and we couldn't be happier with the results. It was just an attempt to give back to the digital agencies that have helped us become the company we are today. But it quickly grew beyond our wildest expectations.

Since I joined the team here at DatoCMS, thanks to the previous big effort by my teammates, I've started working with a lot of existing and new partners and I'm thrilled to share the incredible outcomes we've seen in the past year.

Today we have more than 80 partners on our website, from all over the world - some of them huge, world-class names, and others small but incredibly skilled freelancers. We love and support them all equally, and it seems they are quite happy with DatoCMS so far!

We are constantly in contact with many of them to gather feedback and insights on the features we develop. Their input is invaluable as we continue to grow and improve our platform. We call them “our best friends” and look forward to continuing to work together to provide the best possible experience to their customers.

How it works

The program is designed to be a win-win situation, and it operates in three main areas: sales, support, and marketing.

One of the most obvious ways we're helping our partners is by providing them with dedicated support (tech and sales) and training. We perfectly understand the needs and challenges of digital agencies because we were born inside one of them, having more than 12 years of experience in the trench. We know firsthand the importance of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in managing multiple projects and clients. When it comes to sales support, we understand that the world of headless, Jamstack and Composable web can be challenging to navigate, especially when trying to convince customers to choose this type of technology. That's why we offer tech support during agencies’ sales process, providing live demos, Q&A, and eventually a validation of the architecture designed for their customers. Our presence can help during this phase, and clients appreciate the close connection the agency has with our team.

How Digital Agencies use DatoCMS

Perhaps, even more importantly, we're giving our partners a way to showcase their work and promote their brand. We invite them to share their projects and success stories on our website, and we promote them through our social channels. This not only helps agencies connect with new customers, but it also helps educate the industry about the benefits of headless and Jamstack ecosystem.

During the last few months, our partners have been hard at work! Indeed, they have published over 48 projects on their profiles. From big enterprise projects in industries like food, fashion, fintech, no-profit, sport and many many more, to extraordinary digital products, they have truly been showcasing their skills and expertise. These projects are inspiring, and they also demonstrate the capabilities and potential of headless technology. We are constantly in awe of the work our partners are producing and are excited to see what they will create next.

Here's an example we always love to mention: Chilly's Bottles success story

Rotate Digital Agency for Chilly Bottles

Overall, the DatoCMS Partner Program is about more than just revenue. It's about building relationships, sharing knowledge, and helping to push the industry forward. It’s designed to help agencies succeed in their projects, whether it be through flexible pricing, expert guidance, or co-marketing efforts.

So, if you're a customer looking to create a new digital product or transition an existing one, consider the benefits of working with one of our partners. They are experts in solving that problem you might have, and I'm confident you'll find the perfect fit for your needs!

If you're a digital agency looking to take your business to the next level, consider joining our Partner Program and let's work together! As the person in charge of the program, I’ll be more than happy to meet and support you!