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Retrospective - New integrations and opportunities arise!

Posted on March 8th, 2020 by Matteo Giaccone

It's time for our usual retrospective, where we share what happened in DatoCMS in the past three months or so and where we give you some info about our next plans.

The team is growing!

Let's drop the bomb straight away! We are very, very happy to have added one friend and great developer to our team.

Welcome, Fabrizio!

He's mainly going to work on the back-end and infrastructure, as his preference is in Ruby-land. But I'm sure you'll see him also improving our CMS and possibly some open source contributions to our third-party integrations.

In the first two months, he's already made significant contributions in terms of performance, reliability, and bug fixing. Stellar job!

Pricing change

Another business-related topic has been our pricing change. I'm not going to hide that it has been quite a hot topic on Community, on Slack, and on our support channel. We have written a blog post to explain our point of view, and we have gathered a ton of feedback from our users.

We are very grateful for the time you've spent discussing things with us. Following your suggestions, we are thinking of an agency plan that should solve the problems of keeping a low cost per single project, while also maintaining our business sustainable in the long run.

The new Media area is live!

Moving on to the product changes, we have finalized and launched our new media area! In this blog post, we have given all the details about the changes, but let me highlight the major ones:

  • native video integration with Mux;

  • audio preview;

  • organize assets using saved filters and tagging;

  • improved support to responsive images on our GraphQL API;

  • add pagination instead of infinite scroll in all our CMS.

Allow me to indulge a little bit on the responsiveImage object that we've added to our Content Delivery API. Together with our React component, you can now have a very high-quality, responsive image support, without any image manipulation. We do everything on the API side, and in just one call, you get all the information you need to offer responsive images. All the details on how it works and how to use it on the blog post about this release.

Improved integrations and demos

To close on the media area improvements, we have added the integration with Mux, as we've seen before. Here's a full blog post about that!

Again on the API side, we've just finished an integration with ZEIT Now that will allow you to trigger deployments on their infrastructure. We already have a documentation page on that, and soon we'll launch a full blog post on it, stay tuned!

On the front-end, instead, we have added a set of React demos that you can now easily install and test on DatoCMS.

Changing the subject, we have refreshed our demos for GatsbyJS, and we are working with them for a big demo of some big improvements on which they are working on. Exciting!

Enterprise integrations

We are proud of all the integrations that we are adding and maintaining. On the enterprise level, we have added Google SSO and Azure SSO. Formal documentation is coming soon in our SSO integration page.

Finally, we have added support for custom asset storage on the Google Cloud Platform. As always, you can find all the details in our documentation.


In our last retrospective, we laid out a roadmap for the next three months that was very ambitious. The new company set up and the new team member, together with some unexpected large users, slowed us significantly.

So the staging/sandbox environments that we promised still need to come. But we are renewing our focus on this, and we'll keep working on this as our main feature for the next three months.

We are also going to launch our new public website on which we are fully explaining all the prominent features that we have released in the past year. We cannot wait to put it online!

Finally, we need to keep squashing bugs and improving our performance, so we don't expect to add anything more, but we'll see, some small surprises can always pop up ;)

As usual, please leave any comments or suggestions on Community! Until the next one!