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Stop reinventing the wheel: use our intuitive REST API to deliver content to your Vue application.
DatoCMS Editor Interface
How does it work?
  1. Use our visual builder to generate a custom administrative area
  2. Invite your editors in and let them make changes to the site content
  3. Integrate your Vue project with our our DatoCMS plugin
Everything you need from a CMS

Content Delivery API is written in GraphQL. GraphQL clearly defines the operations supported by the API, including input arguments and possible responses, offering an unfailing contract that specifies the capabilities of an API. Your clients can retrieve exactly the data they need from the API.

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I spend a LOT of time evaluating headless CMSs as part of my job, and DatoCMS is a standout option — one that I recommend as a top choice to anyone who asks, and as an inspiration when I speak with reps from other companies building headless CMSs.

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