How Rotate° built a 2M users a month ecommerce for Chilly’s

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How Rotate° built a 2M users a month ecommerce for Chilly’s

Read the success case
The challenge
Rotate° needed a stable and easily scalable e-commerce solution for Chilly’s, a global brand serving over 35 markets across the world.
The result
Thanks to DatoCMS and a serverless approach, Rotate° delivers a smooth and personalized customer experience to millions of users every month.
Users every month
Mobile conversion rate
Revenue increase YoY
Biggest wins
Perfect scalability

With a distributed technology stack powering the website, Chilly's e-commerce scales in real time even with 200k concurrent users spikes.

Faster iteration and deployment

Thanks to modular blocks and an intuitive user interface, speed of development on DatoCMS is radically faster than on traditional solutions.

One store for 35 countries

One single DatoCMS instance manages content effortlessly in various currencies and languages.

The need to support Chilly’s explosive growth

As a long-term partner, Rotate° followed closely Chilly’s plan to go from an ambitious start-up to a global lifestyle brand in a couple of years.

To prevent the brand’s explosive growth from becoming an infrastructure nightmare, Rotate° had to find a solution that would free them from database management, server stability, and security.

They wanted to create a stable, fast, and secure architecture that could infinitely scale with the rising popularity of Chilly’s.

A worry-free stack

Rotate° has decided to invest in a distributed technology stack to move away from the monolithic model that would have required daily care of databases, servers, and security.

With more than twenty serverless functions ready to spin up on-demand based on site traffic and DatoCMS to manage the stability and security of the content, the Rotate° team can now work on things that make the difference for an e-commerce.

“With DatoCMS, our clients do not need to pay money to us to manage infrastructure so that we can focus on the development of the product. As an agency, this is the way it should always be,” says Jim Tattersall, founder and CTO of Rotate°.

The new architecture manages to serve content to 2,000,000 people a month, with peaks of 125,000 concurrent users effortlessly.

We do not need to worry about scaling and stability with DatoCMS. Chilly’s took a prime time tv ad campaign out and they asked us “What we need to do to prepare for the traffic spikes?” and we said “nothing”.

Jim Tattersall | Founder & CTO Rotate°

More than just stability

DatoCMS provided more value to Rotate° than just an easy to manage architecture.

Moving to a Content-as-a-Service model allowed Chilly’s to manage one single website serving over 35 territories, selling products in various currencies and languages with content managed effortlessly from a single hub.

Rotate° also used DatoCMS to build dynamic pages for new customers based on their acquisition path and purchase intent, to tailor the “post-click” experience further and increase their propensity to purchase.

The speed of development with DatoCMS is radically faster than any other system we used in the past.

Jim Tattersall | Founder & CTO Rotate°

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