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A website for an online payroll and employment agency.

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We initially embarked on this project without the use of a Content Management System (CMS) with the intention of expediting the development process. However, we soon realized that while we had indeed reduced development time, we had inadvertently extended the time required for website management. This led us to recognize the importance of implementing a CMS to streamline tasks for both our marketing team and developers.

The implementation of a CMS has significantly reduced the effort needed for adding, updating, and changing content. Consequently, we can now execute these tasks more frequently, enhancing our website's accessibility with up-to-date information.

We began with the implementation of adding content for various vacancy pages on the website. We developed models for Branch pages, Location pages, and company pages, allowing us to effortlessly introduce new vacancy pages without the necessity of modifying the code.

As we continue to expand our brand and enhance our website, we anticipate leveraging the full range of features offered by DatoCMS. The use of block elements has proven invaluable, enabling us to apply the same structural components across multiple models, particularly in descriptions and more. Additionally, we have the flexibility to incorporate additional features through plugins as needed.

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We are a digital employment agency in the Netherlands, connecting aspiring candidates with exciting job opportunities.
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