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Operations1: Industry 4.0 Innovation, Seamless Web Integration

For Operations1, we leveraged the power of DatoCMS and rapid A/B testing to deliver a web solution that emphasizes control, adaptability, and performance. Our approach enabled swift prototyping, dynamic designs, and CRM integrations, boosting the brand's presence and conversion rates with exceptional speed.

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Nested components with the ability to display animations
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About the project

Content First and Rapid Iterations offers unparalleled content control, enabling clients to easily update landing pages and manage content in multiple languages. Our use of dual language mutations and rapid A/B testing, from Figma prototypes to live testing, allows for quick, effective adjustments to content, boosting engagement and conversions within weeks.

Flexible Components and Rich Integrations

Leveraging a headless CMS with DatoCMS, we enhance web flexibility and scalability, focusing on design and explanatory animations. This highlights product features and integration with Industry 4.0, facilitating seamless connections with a range of systems through custom APIs, prioritizing customer needs for functionality and integration.

Tailored HubSpot Lead Forms

We've integrated customized HubSpot lead forms for each product, streamlining the conversion path and aligning closely with marketing strategies for improved conversion rates. Our agile development enables swift form testing and refinement.

Detail-Driven User Experience

Every aspect of is designed with the user in mind, from intuitive UI to backend functionality. We use animations and interactivity to clearly explain product features, simplifying complex information and enhancing user engagement.

Tech Stack

  • Custom Plugins & HubSpot: Targeted lead forms increase engagement and conversions.

  • Nuxt.js & GSAP: A high-performance website with detailed animations that highlight product advantages.

  • PWAs: An app-like user experience, including offline capabilities, boosts satisfaction.

  • Prebuild with Netlify: Fastest load times worldwide, optimized by DatoCMS for immediate content updates and peak performance.

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