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The team at Create expertly navigates the complex field of selling rural and rezoned land on behalf of rural Australians. Create’s firm belief in fairness, transparency, and humanity informed a brand of earthier tones, gentle messaging and quintessentially Australian aesthetics.

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About the project

A property group that better represents rural land vendors.

Create are researchers, analysers, educators and negotiators. A high degree of specialisation in acreage property means Create can advocate for strong outcomes that place their client’s needs first. They’re able to deftly navigate the complexity of selling Englobo and rural land, often assisting families that have lived on their properties for decades. With calm, professionalism and empathy, Create is able to secure the best possible result not only for their clients, but the client’s families, cementing legacies that will last generations to come. Create’s independence and commitment to quality service over quantity mean they can take the time to understand each and every client’s situation on a human level.

Close collaboration with the Create team informed their brand at every milestone. Thoughtful considerations were made to create a brand that stood out in a sea of inauthentic competitors. We implemented earthier tones to imbue Australian warmth, a gridded logo treatment informed by the team’s planning and zoning practices, and photography direction reflective of the Western Sydney landscape.

We are utilising the new Atollon real estate platform, connecting directly with Dato.

  • Simple, seamless, direct integration with REX Software

  • The ability for users to easily update anything on the website without requiring to log back into the CRM

  • Powerful search and filtering to get potential leads where they need to be and drive enquiries

  • Hyper flexible media management - bringing all your assets into Dato automatically, with the power to turn any on-site image into video and back again, and the speed to keep your site fast.

  • Built-in form creation with easy automation - create step-based rules to manage any enquiries with ease and get your leads to wherever they need to be

  • Served by our custom Gatsby-based platform

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