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The Rubinstein Group

One of the biggest names in Australian property gets a glamorous overhaul to match their top-end success.

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TRG have made an enviable name for themselves in Sydney’s famously competitive luxury property market, smashing sales records while providing highly bespoke client services.

When The Rubinstein Group set out to forge their own path, Atollon was approached to design a custom site reflective of the new brand. They wanted to convey TRG’s sophistication, company values, and poised and polished approach to some of Australia’s grandest harbourfront properties.

Many brands in this space require bold messaging and loud visual appeal to introduce themselves in a crowded market, but working with such a well known name required the opposite approach. Rather than introduce The Rubinstein Group to new and existing clients, we designed the website with simplicity and confidence in mind. Like the best prestige brands in any sector, there’s no need to shout what you do from the rooftops. Plausible sophistication for a luxury brand tends to come from understatement.

With spacious layouts, minimal but thoughtfully laid out type, and a deliberate lack of sales-driven calls to action, clear choices were made to set TRG apart.

We are utilising the new Atollon real estate platform, connecting directly with Dato.

  • Simple, seamless, direct integration with Vaultre Software

  • The ability for users to easily update anything on the website without requiring to log back into the CRM

  • Powerful search and filtering to get potential leads where they need to be and drive enquiries

  • Hyper flexible media management - bringing all your assets into Dato automatically, with the power to turn any on-site image into video and back again, and the speed to keep your site fast.

  • Built-in form creation with easy automation - create step-based rules to manage any enquiries with ease and get your leads to wherever they need to be

  • Served by our custom Gatsby-based platform

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