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Van Raam

Creating Van Raam's dynamic multilingual website using Next.js and DatoCMS

Made by Bejamas
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Van Raam is a well-known manufacturer of unique and adaptive bicycles. They offer sustainable and contemporary mobility to people with a disability.

Bejamas built Van Raam's website using the Next.js app dir (server components) and integrated with DatoCMS, which is hosted on Vercel. The architecture of this site using this combo is not only robust but also highly efficient. The website uses the ISR approach, which means that editors don’t need to wait long build times to see their new pages/changes on the website. DatoCMS helps with this process with its webhooks feature. This enhances the site's functionality by enabling automatic updates and real-time communication between different applications, such as indexing content in Algolia, uploading redirects to a Redis database, and hitting an API to revalidate the new content and instantly make the new changes live.

One of the standout features of this integration is the draft content functionality. This allows for a streamlined content creation and editing process, where changes can be previewed live before being pushed to production, making the editor's experience enjoyable. Furthermore, DatoCMS provides a marketplace with plugins where you can find official and community plugins to use. We used Web Previews and Dropdown Conditional Fields to enhance the dashboard experience.

Van Raam is a multilingual website, and DatoCMS shines when it comes to localization support. We easily enabled four different languages, which editors can easily switch, fill, and preview.

Additionally, the Models and the concept of Blocks that DatoCMS has helped us create a robust content model structure to handle different page templates with dynamic layouts. We were able to clone the same content model structure to create four other DatoCMS projects for sister websites using the same codebase.

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