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Till Payments

Till Payments is a dynamic fintech company specializing in payment solutions. They offer innovative, secure, and versatile payment processing services tailored to the needs of businesses, making transactions smoother and more efficient.

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Till are a fast evolving and expanding company. They required a website that would be able to keep up. Leveraging Dato and it's feature-rich and clean interface, we were able to create a highly flexible and scalable website structure. Developing the majority of the website in a modular fashion allowed us to efficiently manage and change content, adapt to evolving requirements, and deliver a smooth user experience - making updating the website on the client side a breeze.

We developed a robust page builder system which features many content modules. These modules have options to change colour scheme and layouts automatically - giving the client the opportunity to create new pages that look great quickly and easily while keeping in line with brand guidelines.

The team also has the ability to quickly and easily spin up new locales from the CMS, allowing geo-targeted content and pages, without the need for a web developer.

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