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Organizers of one of the largest conferences on Go can manage all content on an editor-friendly platform that is fast and easy to duplicate for other similar events.

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Golab is arguably one of the world's most famous Go language conferences, with a decades-long live and online events history. 

Develer, the event organizer, needed a platform that could combine flexibility in creating new pages, including complex calendars, and ease of use for the editorial team. 

Cantiere Creativo worked closely with Develer to build a user experience on DatoCMS tailored to their needs and workflow, with a front end that was fast, accessible, and designed to offer a seamless browsing experience.

The final site offers:

  • a schedule that is fully customizable by the editorial team, adding multiple locations for the same event without the need for a developer;

  • complete modularity of all editorial pages, taking full advantage of DatoCMS' structured text;

  • A visual language and design system ready for multitenancy with other Develer conferences.

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