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Reno is an application dedicated to sharing all the news and updates from the Renault Group

Made by Dernier Cri
Project shots
Reno - HP - DatoCMS
Reno - HP - 2 - DatoCMS
Reno - HP - 3 - DatoCMS
Reno - HP - 4 - DatoCMS
Backend shots
DatoCMS - Reno - 1
DatoCMS - Reno - 2
DatoCMS - Reno - 3
DatoCMS - Reno - 4
About the project

When we embarked on the development of Reno, our primary challenge was to create a platform capable of efficiently managing a multitude of diverse content, ranging from images to videos and text, all while providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. The Renault Group already possessed a wealth of substantial content, but it was essential to be able to administer and enrich this information in a simple and effective manner.

It was at this juncture that DatoCMS emerged as an indispensable Content Management System (CMS) solution. DatoCMS quickly became the ideal answer to our requirements. It enabled us to establish a robust and reliable content management system, complete with a user-friendly interface for administering information, adding new data, and seamlessly deploying it to the platform.

One of the primary reasons we chose DatoCMS was its ability to perfectly adapt to our specific needs. We required a tailored solution for both our back-end and front-end, and DatoCMS provided the necessary flexibility to customize our entire system to meet our precise requirements. This customization was pivotal in ensuring that our platform aligned seamlessly with the Renault Group's branding and needs.

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