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Motherson Virtual Techroom

From physical to digital without compromise.

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Mock-ups of the platform
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Motherson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of components for the automotive and transport industries. With operations in 42 countries around the globe, Motherson's internal and external events for employees, shareholders, and potential investors needed a digital platform to exist in. Our design challenge was to recreate the stunning experience of visiting the real-life Motherson showroom without losing functionality or becoming overwhelming.

Generous looked for the most intuitive, yet exciting navigation elements and visual choices to design a user experience, which would not simply copy reality, but make use of the possibilities of the digital. By combining 3D renders of the Motherson showroom and using parallax scrolling in between digital booths of products, we managed to translate real-life navigation following a digital logic.

Motherson Virtual Techroom embraces another aspect of a digital showroom - detail and enhancement. Lack of physical touch does not have to be a barrier for intimacy and experience. The 18 motion animations created by Generous are a chance to get closer than ever to the technologically advanced products of Motherson. Our collaborations with Motherson always succeed in embracing rapid change and technological and societal developments.

Disclaimer: Because of sensitive information we are only sharing mock-ups of the platform.

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