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Pro League

Pro League wanted to create a new digital ecosystem that revolutionizes the fan experience for Belgian football leagues and strengthens the brand image of Pro League. We came in the picture to build a digital platform that flawlessly provides users with content, stats and videos. Available right at their fingertips. 

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Pro League needed an effective communication platform that enhanced the clubs as well as their own brand(s). The task at hand? Becoming a digital platform where every statistic, every match highlight, every live score and so on are gathered and easily available. Once we figured out where the goal was, it was time to hit the ball in the net.

We transformed their old website into a state-of-the-art digital platform capable of integrating diverse external services used for videos, statistics and other content. 
By creating this digital landscape - covered in a brand new design - we tackled multiple goals at once: strengthen their own brand and clarify their role, build a direct relationship with the fans and become the go-to source of football information for media and press. Score for the fans and score for Pro League!โ€

Don't take our word for it. The metrics speak volumes.
- 2.3M API calls/month
- 100K user/month
- 1.5TB traffic/month

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