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Koami Art Festival 2023

A two day festival exploring the digitalisation of the art industry. Showcasing both international and local artists, live talks with scientists within AI, Robotics and Metaverses and live music by Jaguair!

Made by Kokokaka
Project shots
Visitors looking at art by Ben Baker
Overview of the art gallery
Backend shots
Back-end overview
Example of content: art by Per Kristian Stoveland
Example of content: overlay sign
About the project

Koami Art Festival’s virtual space was created in HiberWorld using DATO as headless CMS.

The virtual world is build with Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK), a Typescript library for creating web-based 3D experiences built on React.

All artworks showcased in the exhibition, as well as advanced 3D objects, were added as custom assets thanks to DATO.

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