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From Drupal to Dato CMS and GatsbyJs

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The project began with the decision to transition from Drupal to DatoCMS and GatsbyJS, aiming to enhance the website's performance and content management capabilities. The migration process involved extracting the existing content and data from the Drupal installation and importing it into DatoCMS.

Dato proved to be a highly flexible and user-friendly solution, allowing the team to design complex product pages effortlessly. The platform's intuitive interface enabled easy management of various product categories, streamlining the content creation and editing processes.

Furthermore, GatsbyJS was chosen as the frontend framework for the new website due to its speed and efficiency. The combination of DatoCMS and GatsbyJS resulted in a highly optimized and performant website, offering an excellent user experience.

Following the successful migration, the website's SEO performance improved thanks to the combination of DatoCMS's flexibility in managing product data and GatsbyJS's optimized frontend rendering, resulting in faster page load times and improved search engine visibility.

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